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Get Reports Help

The quickest way to get a Report is to use the "Reports" service. Alternatively, you could use the map to locate the property.

There are several different types of reports. Depending on what you are after, you may have to search in a particular way. eg for a "Parcel" Report, you need to search by Lot/Plan. More Information on reports...

Here are step-by-step instructions for a simple search using address, for a paid property report. These instructions can be adapted to suit other searches or report types using the "Reports" service.

Here is information on searching by Lot/Plan and Crown Description - these examples are from a map search, but they also apply to a "Report" search.

Step 1: Search

screen showing initial search page

Search by Address

Enter the address (e.g. 3 / 39 Warrs Road Maribyrnong 3032) in the appropriate fields.
If this search is not successful you can enter a partial address.

Further Hints

  • Don't include apostrophes (e.g. ONeill instead of O'Neill)
  • Include hyphens where applicable (eg Bacchus Marsh-Balliang Road)
  • Street names without a street type (eg The Esplanade) should be typed in the Street Name field, with the Street type left blank eg
    type in Street Name field
  • Streets with alternate names can be typed as either (eg Ballarat Road / Western Highway)
  • Try less of the locality name if you are unsure of the spelling (eg Bruns)
  • The street name must be typed in full, and have correct spelling
  • Be wary of North, South, East, West in localities - it often goes after the name (eg Brunswick West, Brunswick East) but can go before (eg North Melbourne, South Melbourne)

If no results are found, click the Previous button to modify your search. Alternatively you could use a Lot on Plan Number or use the map to locate the property.

Step 2: Select Property

screen showing search results

Tick the box next to any address you wish to keep.
Use the Previous button to do another search, or Next to continue.

Warning: any unticked addresses will be lost.

Further Hints

The numbers on the screen above are as follows:
1 What you typed in. In this example, the search was for a street name called "dog trap gully". No street type or locality was typed in.
2 A red diamond appears against entries in this list which relate to the existing search.
3 Street addresses for the list of properties: items from this search, and items from previous searches which you have elected to keep. If you typed in a lot/plan search, these properties will still appear as street address.
4 Checkboxes. You need to tick this box if you wish to keep this property. The property will be ticked by default if there is only one property resulting from a search, but unticked by default if many properties exist. In this example, there are 4 properties which fit the search criteria, so they are unticked by default.
5 Page numbers. This denotes there is more than one page. You can select the number of the page, or use the forward and back arrows.
6 Previous button. Use this to do another search. Note: Make sure you have ticked the properties you wish to keep!
7 Next button. Use this once you have made all your searches, and are ready to move on.

Step 3: Select Reports

screen showing how to select results

For each property, you get a list of the reports available.
Tick the checkbox for the reports you want.
Use the Next button to continue to "My Folder".

Further Hints

  • Free reports can be viewed here. Use the VIEW button for an online (HTML) page, or PDF to view, print or save. Note - you need Acrobat viewer to read this.
  • If you tick a free report, and you are an account user, it will carry through the process so you can retrieve it later if you desire.

Step 4: My Folder

The "My Folder" section is like your shopping basket. You can:

  • remove any unwanted reports
  • add products of a different type (eg Vicmap Data)
  • view, print or save any free reports
  • see a summary of costs and charges

Click the "Pay for Order" button to continue to payment. Get help using Accounts

After payment, you will be returned to My Folder where your paid reports will now be viewable. Please make a note of the order number for future reference. For Account customers, the order number can be used to return to the site to view previous orders.

The PDF versions of the reports require Adobe Acrobat reader which is available free.

Get Acrobat Reader