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The Geographic Place Names Act 1998 makes provision for the naming of places and features in Victoria. It encourages greater community involvement in the place naming process through the Guidelines for Geographic Names 2010. New place names and changes to existing names are generally made by naming authorities such as local councils. Occasionally the names of significant places, for example The Twelve Apostles, are determined centrally by specially convened Geographic Place Names Advisory Committees.

The Register of Geographic Names, VICNAMES, holds more than 200,000 place and road names including landscape features such as mountains and rivers, bounded localities such as suburbs, towns, cities and regions, and physical infrastructure such as roads, reserves and schools.

You are invited to log on to VICNAMES to search for all registered place names in Victoria or track the progress of proposed names that have been submitted to the Registrar of Geographic Names for approval.

Further information about VICNAMES and geographic place names in Victoria may be obtained from:
The Registrar of Geographic Names
Melbourne Victoria 3001
T +61 3 8636 2525
F +61 3 8636 2776
E geo.names@dtpli.vic.gov.au