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Vicmap Reference Tables

Vicmap data is supported by a collection of Reference Tables.

A Reference Table may list the full name, description and other attributes associated with a feature code or identifier. For example, the PARISH Reference Table includes the identifier, name and status of each Parish in Victoria.

A Reference Table serves many purposes including facilitating good data design, storage, consistency and accuracy of attribute values across Vicmap products. It defines the domain, set of values or constraints applied to an attribute. Any updates of an attribute associated with the code or identifier need only be made once and will be reflected across the database. Most importantly, the use of Reference Tables can significantly reduce the size of a database.

A Reference Table scope may be limited to a single Vicmap product or it may apply to many Vicmap products. For instance the VICMAP_PROPERTY_CROWN_STATUS table is only applicable to Vicmap Property whilst the ROAD_TYPE table is used in many Vicmap products.

Reference Table Report

A customised report may be created for any Reference Table. You may specify the columns, sort order and set or records for a selected Reference Table.

You may filter the table list that you will make your selection from by entering a search string in the box below.For instance, you will be presented with a list of Reference Tables that have the pattern PAR in their name if you type PAR.

To list all Reference Tables, leave this box empty.

Reference Table Download

You may download a complete set of Reference Tables that have been exported in dBASE 3 format. This is a Zip file.

Download All Reference Tables (Zipped DBF File)

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