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Vicmap Topographic Maps Online

Vicmap Topographic maps

  • display natural and constructed features on the ground including contours, rivers, streams, waterfalls, lakes, vegetation, roads, cliffs, localities, park boundaries, shipwrecks and more
  • cover the entire State of Victoria
  • are provided in PDF (Adobe Reader required) ready to print
  • are generated utilising the most currently available Vicmap data
    Map creation dates and update schedule

The Vicmap Topographic 1:30000 series

  • is available in both A4 and A3 standard mapsheets
  • is also available in a custom product where the user can select their own area of interest

The Vicmap Topographic 1:25000 series

  • is available in A0 mapsheets - these are double format sheets

Printed maps are not available through this website

  • we do not sell printed maps direct to the public - you will need to use a map shop
  • please see for more information

Having problems with an order?
If you have paid for an order, but had problems while downloading it, or you need to see the receipt,
you can check your order here

Avanza app    App for Reading Georeferenced Vicmap Topographic Maps

  • An exciting new development in topographic mapping is the arrival of an app for reading and interacting with geo referenced PDFs.
  • Currently available for Apple iOS devices and Android
  • This free app, Avenza PDF Map, will enable the user to interact with Vicmap Topographic Online 1:30 000 A4 & A3 map series, and Vicmap 1:25 000 A0 maps.
  • Further information on this app


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March 2014

  • new edition of A4 1:30 000 maps is now available
  • new edition of A0 1:25 000 maps is now available

February 2014

  • new edition of A3 1:30 000 maps is now available
Sheet SizeScaleMap AreaFile SizePrice
Standard A4 Portrait1:300006 x 7.5 km30 KB to 4 MB (average 350 KB)$2.00 *
Standard A3 Landscape1:3000012 x 7.5 km140 KB to 7 MB (average 450 KB)$4.00 *
Custom A4 Portrait1:300006 x 7.5 km30 KB to 4 MB (average 350 KB)$2.50 *
Custom A4 Landscape1:300007.5 x 6 km30 KB to 4 MB (average 350 KB)$2.50 *
Custom A3 Portrait1:300007.5 x 12 km140 KB to 7 MB (average 450 KB)$5.00 *
Custom A3 Landscape1:3000012 x 7.5 km140 KB to 7 MB (average 450 KB)$5.00 *
Standard A0 Landscape1:2500024 x 14 km2 MB to 30 MB (average 8 MB)$8.00 *
* A service fee of $1.10 applies to each order. Payment is by credit card.

All maps require Adobe Reader version 7 or later.
Note - Adobe Reader Version 8.0 does not open the map files correctly - version 8.1 and later does open them.

Map Creation Dates and Update Schedule (updated 18 March 2014)
Product Map creation date Next update expected
VT 1:30K A4February 2014January 2016
VT 1:30K A3December 2013January 2015
VT 1:30K Custom maps (A3/A4) March 2013March 2014
VT 1:25K A0February 2014February 2015

Free Sample Mapsheets (A4 - scale 1:30000)
For an example of the type of features these mapsheets show, view these samples.

view sample map
Urban area sample. (PDF 3628kb)
view sample map
Agricultural area sample. (PDF 3856kb)
view sample map
Coastal area sample. (PDF 5375kb)
view sample map The Custom maps are created differently and the linework and text do not have the same appearance as in the standard maps.
Custom map sample. (PDF 2166kb)

Vicmap Topographic eNewsletter
The Vicmap Topograhic eNewsletter will be published quarterly. The aim of this newletter is to provide users with the latest news on Victorian topographic mapping products.
Issue no. 14 - February 2014 (pdf 464kb)
Issue no. 13 - November 2013 (pdf 617kb)
Issue no. 12 - July 2013 (pdf 640kb)
Issue no. 11 - March 2013 (pdf 590kb)
Issue no. 10 - July 2012 (pdf 448kb)
Issue no. 9 - February 2012 (pdf 969kb)
Issue no. 8 - October 2011 (pdf 1606kb)
Issue no. 7 - June 2011 (pdf 1070kb)
Issue no. 6 - February 2011 (pdf 1070kb)
Issue no. 5 - September 2010 (pdf 940kb)
Issue no. 4 - June 2010 (pdf 1800kb)
Issue no. 3 - March 2010 (pdf 1400kb)
Issue no. 2 - December 2009 (pdf 1400kb)
Issue no. 1 - August 2009 (pdf 150kb)

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