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Vicmap Topographic Maps Online

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Map Legend
Map Legend, Technical and Legal Information is supplied with each A4 and A3 mapsheet.
It can be downloaded as a separate pdf file (465 kb).

Free Sample Mapsheets
For an example of the type of features these mapsheets show, download these samples.

view sample map view sample map view sample map
Urban area sample. (PDF 3628kb) Agricultural area sample. (PDF 3856kb) Coastal area sample. (PDF 5375kb)

Standard Grid System
Topographic 1:30,000 mapsheets are based on the 1:25,000 Printed Topographic Map Series.
In the example below, a standard double-format 1:50,000 mapsheet is shown.
This shows the relationship between 1:30,000 (A4 and A3), 1:25,000 and 1:50,000 mapsheets.
More information about the printed map series.

Map numbering system

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Custom Maps
This allows you to draw a rectangle on the map, which will then be divided into individual sheets. These sheets can be A4 or A3, portrait or landscape, as you select.

view sample map Note - These custom mapsheets are created as pieces of a large (state-wide) map.
The standard mapsheets are converted to images, and these images are joined together to form a large image. The quality of this image may not be as good as the original map. Labels, such as road and town names, have been placed for the standard sheets, so they may be chopped off or not visible on any area you select.
Custom map sample. (PDF 2166kb)
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Magnetic Declination
All mapsheets are created using MGA (Map Grid of Australia) coordinates and are aligned to Grid North for the relevant zone. Zone 54 is longitude 138 to 144, and zone 55 is longitude 144 to 150. To convert a bearing calculated from the map to a magnetic bearing (as shown on a compass) requires a correction for the magnetic declination.
Each map shows the value of Grid Convergence and Magnetic Declination calculated for the centre of the map.

Magnetic declination Grid Convergence is the value to be subtracted from a Grid Bearing (as measured from the map) to obtain an azimuth (calculated from True North)
- if Grid North is west of True North grid convergence is positive
- if Grid North is east of True North grid convergence is negative
Magnetic Declination is the angle between True North and Magnetic North (which is always east of True North in Victoria).
The Grid Magnetic angle is calculated from the magnetic declination and the grid convergence, and is the angle between Grid North and Magnetic North - this value must be subtracted from a grid bearing to obtain a magnetic bearing.
The magnetic poles move with time, and the Magnetic Declination can change each year. This change is approximately 1' easterly which is insignificant.
To find the magnetic declination values for any point, use the Mag dec tool above the index map - which you use to select your maps.
You can download a spreadsheet or a text file of values calculated for each 1:25,000 mapsheet.

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Pricing and Payment
Standard 1:30K A4 mapsheets are $3.00 each.
Standard 1:30K A3 mapsheets are $5.00 each.
Custom 1:30K A4 mapsheets are $3.50 each.
Custom 1:30K A3 mapsheets are $6.00 each.
Standard 1:25K A0 mapsheets are $8.50 each.
Standard 1:50K A0 mapsheets are $8.50 each.
Standard 1:100K A0 mapsheets are $8.50 each.
A $1.10 Service fee applies to each order.
This means if you were to purchase 3 x standard A4 mapsheets and 6 x standard A3 mapsheets you would pay:
(3 x 3.00) + (6 x 5.00) + 1.10 = $39.10
All prices quoted are inclusive of GST.
Payment is by credit card (VISA, Mastercard)

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Avanza app    App for Reading Georeferenced Vicmap Topographic Maps

  • An exciting new development in topographic mapping is the arrival of an app for reading and interacting with geo referenced PDFs.
  • Currently available for Apple iOS devices and Android
  • This free app, Avenza PDF Map, will enable the user to interact with Vicmap Topographic Online 1:30 000 A4 & A3 map series, and Vicmap 1:25 000 A0 maps.
Functionality includes:
  • View your location on the PDF map using the built-in GPS device
  • View the coordinates of the current position and any waypoint (latitude and longitude)
  • Plot waypoints, position and label names, enter attribute data and notes
  • Export waypoints and associated attribute data to CSV, GPX or KML
  • Quickly view, zoom and pan maps using gestures (pinch, drag and flick, double tap)
  • Measure distance and area in map units
How To:
  • Download the free app from
  • Buy the required Vicmap Topographic Map PDFs from this site - click on Start an Order
  • Transfer the maps to your Apple iOS device - you can use one of these methods
    • Email to your gmail account
    • Copy using iTunes
    • Add using Dropbox
  • View/Read the maps using the PDF Maps app.
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