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Vicmap data is the authoritative spatial data for the State of Victoria. It is the foundation of Victoria's primary mapping and geographic information systems. The data can be used for many applications such as: land management, location decisions, marketing, planning, procurement, mapping calls/clients/deliveries and more.

The DataVic Access policy means there is no longer a charge for DELWP spatial data ordered through this site.
Please see the DataVic website at for more details and other data you can order at no charge.

  • Most products from this site are available by suburb/town/locality.
  • Vicmap Admin is available by LGA, except for LGA Boundaries which are available for the whole state.
  • Delivered by email within one business day - each item in an order is a separate email.
  • The data may be too large to email as an attachment, and may be blocked at either end.
  • If you do not receive an email, or you receive one without an attachment, please check your order.

You will need a Geographic Information System (GIS) or Computer Aided Design (CAD) application to use the data. See Getting Started for information about these applications.

Vicmap data currently available through this website:
    *   Address
    *   Admin
    *   Crown Land Tenure
    *   Elevation 1-5
    *   Elevation 10-20
    *   Hydro
    *   Index
    *   Planning
    *   Property
    *   Transport
    *   Vegetation

For descriptions of the codes used in the data see Vicmap Reference Tables

Other data sources

More Information about Vicmap Products

  • All of these datasets, and many others, are available through the DataVic website at
    You can use that site to order data for areas other than locality - up to the whole state.
  • You can also contact one of our Data Service Providers. who can supply data and provide additional services (but may charge a fee).

Inappropriate orders
All of the data, apart from Admin, is only orderable by locality.
There are nearly 3000 localities in Victoria, so it is NOT practical to attempt to order the whole state by locality.
If you require data for a large area, up to the whole state, please use the DataVic website.
We reserve the right to cancel or decline any orders which we decide to be inappropriate.

Having problems with an order?
If you have placed an order through this site, and need to see the receipt (if there was a payment), you can check your order here
You will be able to download the data if your order has been processed.

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If you have any queries about your order please contact Customer Service, providing your order number, on :
Phone: (+61 3) 8636 2322
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