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Getting Started - Order Vicmap Data

Why do I want to order data? Why not do things online, like I do now?

Ordering data, and having it on your own computer means you can:

  • Stop having to log on every time you want to look up property information.
  • Stop relying on ISPs, phone lines, servers, or anything outside your 4 walls.
  • Have data at your fingertips whenever YOU need it.
  • View a larger window than what you see on our online map viewer - full screen if you want.
  • Have topographic data, address data, satellite imagery, and many more datasets.
  • Load it onto a laptop and take the property viewer anywhere - take it to your clients.
  • Switch layers on and off.

What do I need?

  1. Map Viewer what's that, and how do I get one?
  2. Ability to unzip the file - built into Windows or use a separate program such as WinZip. Vicmap data is supplied in ZIP format.
  3. No payment - from 1 July 2013 there is no charge for the data.
  4. Email address - we send you an email notifying you your data is ready.
  5. Sense of adventure - using maps is fun.

What's a Map Viewer?

To see the data that you purchase you will need to install on your system either:

  • a map viewer (simple viewing tool often available free) or
  • GIS or CAD software (allows more flexibility to manipulate your data, but may be more difficult to use and may not be free)


  • ArcExplorer (for ESRI SHAPE files)

Go to :

  • MapInfo - free ProViewer (for TAB Files)

Go to:

  • Autodesk DWG TrueView (for DWG/DXF files)

Go to:

GIS/CAD software available

  • Quantum GIS - free open-source software (for shape, MapInfo (TAB), Autocad (DWG/DXF) files)

Go to:

  • Some of the available viewers

Go to:

Or search the web using key words like map viewers, GIS and CAD

About Format

The format is the vendor-specific file format required by the a particular GIS/CAD application. We supply map data in shape, AutoCad and MapInfo formats. The map viewers above support these formats. Should you choose another map viewer check that they support one of the above mentioned formats.

About Coordinate System

The coordinate system is the particular spatial reference system used to define positions of points on the Earth's surface.

Coordinate systems are based on a datum that describes the size and shape of the earth. In Victoria, the datum will typically be GDA94 (which is identical to WGS84 used by Global Navigation Satellite Systems).

Planar coordinate systems (Cartesian systems) also incorporate a projection. This is the mathematical transformation used to map points on the curved surface of the Earth to corresponding points a plane surface (eg. on paper, computer screen).

For more information on coordinate systems, see

Okay, I have my software, now how do I get data?

Go to the catalogue and then to Spatial Datamart

Go to DataVic which has data sets from other providers, as well as those available through Spatial Datamart

You need to know two things:

  • Where in Victoria you want data for
  • What data you want