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Error Messages
How to Upgrade Your Browser
How to delete your temporary Internet files
Poor connection solutions

Error Messages

The following error messages may occur when you cannot display a web page, or if you are viewing old or incorrect content:

  • "Unable to establish a connection to the server"
  • "Internal Service Error"
  • "404 Error"


  • Your Internet browser may be an older version which is not compatible. You will need to upgrade your browser.
  • Temporary Internet files stored on your computer may be conflicting with files stored on the Internet. You will need to delete your temporary Internet files.
  • You may have a poor connection to your Internet service provider. Try logging on via another location.
  • If your Internet service provider is using a proxy server, they may not support Secure Socket Layer or they may have a caching problem. They will need to refresh their proxy.

How to upgrade your browser

General browser capabilities with interactive map

The Interactive Map works best with the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator versions 4 or greater. If you are using versions 3 or less, we recommended that you upgrade your browser by installing the latest version from the respective web sites.

What browser version am I using?

  1. Open Internet Explorer or Netscape.
  2. Click on Help in the top tool bar.
  3. Select About Internet Explorer or About Netscape Navigator.
  4. This will then display what version you are using.
  5. Click OK to return to your browser.

How to delete your temporary Internet files


Delete your "Temporary Internet Files" or "Cache"
Browsers store temporary files in your computer's memory, and as files on your hard drive. As time passes, these areas become cluttered and reduce your browser's performance.

How to delete Temporary Internet Files in Microsoft Internet Explorer

  1. Click on the Tools menu and select Internet Options
  2. Click Delete Files under "Temporary Internet Files"
  3. Click OK to offline subscription content
  4. Click OK to close "Internet Options"
  5. Once you have deleted all your temporary files, refresh the page that you were currently visiting by pressing Ctrl + F5

How to delete Temporary Internet Files in Firefox

  1. Click on the Tools menu and select Options
  2. Click on the Advanced icon
  3. Click on the Network tab
  4. Click Clear Now under "Offline Storage"
  5. Click OK to close "Options"
  6. Once you have deleted all your temporary files, refresh the page that you were currently visiting by pressing Ctrl + F5

Poor connection solutions

If you have a poor connection to the Internet via your Internet service provider, you can sometimes have difficulties connecting to the site. This would result in slowness loading the page, or time out errors as shown at the top of this page.

Please contact your internet service provider for assistance

Identifying proxy server problems

Sometimes Internet providers, who use proxy servers, can cause difficulties when connecting to particular sites. This generally occurs when the content that they store on the proxy server has expired or been overwritten with the wrong data. Secondly, if their proxy server does not support Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), this can cause difficulties. To resolve this problem you will need to contact your Internet service provider and ask them if they support SSL or are having any difficulties with their proxy server. In some cases they may need to refresh their content in order to display the page correctly.


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