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Frequently Asked Questions

I just paid for a report. When do I receive it?
I just want the dimensions of a property. How can I do this?
The website is down. I can't access the map. I get "address not found" errors.
I can't see the map. I get no image.
Is there anywhere else that has the same information for other states?
How can I find out the name of the owner of a property?

I just paid for a report. When do I receive it?

My Folder showing how to retrieve reports  last stage in purchase process showing Get Report Button

Reports are not sent via email. You can find your reports in "My Folder"

If you paid using an account, you will be taken to "My Folder" as soon as you confirm payment.

If you paid by credit card, the last step of the payment process shows a screen with a button "Get Reports". This button will close the pop-up window and return you to "My Folder".

"My Folder" now has a list of all your purchases. The ones you just paid for all have a "View" and "PDF" button next to them. Also note, the status says "Purchased"

You can use the Lost your order? option on the menu to retrieve any paid order, and also get a receipt.

I just want the dimensions of a property. How can I do this?

There are three ways to get the dimensions of a property:
Using the Measure tool on the map: Perimeter and line length, the least accurate, available immediately, free.
Detailed Property Report: Perimeter and area, more accurate, simple to use, available immediately.
Copy of Plan: Line length and area (except in some earlier plans), accurate legal dimensions, available immediately from Landata.

diagram: how to measure lines on map

Using the Measure tool on the map

You need to use the Interactive Map service.

Select the Measure tool from the toolbar. measure

Click on points around the shape. A red dot will appear where you click, and a red line joins points.

"Total" is the cumulative distance of the red line. "Segment" is the distance between the last point selected, and the current location of the cursor.

In the example, the first point is on the right (next to number 8) The next 5 points are along the curve of the road, and the most recent point is on the back boundary.

The accuracy is dependent on the map data, and on how closely you click on the boundary of the property. In the example, we have stylised the curve into short straight segments.
One advantage of this method is that you can measure several properties as if they are one.

Go to the Interactive Map service
Get further help using the Interactive Map

example of Detailed Property Report

Detailed Property Report

You need to use the Reports service.
The only report which includes dimensions is a Detailed Property Report - distances but not bearings.
The other reports available do not have this information.

The accuracy of these dimensions is based on the accuracy of the digitised map. The report includes the land area, but may not have dimensions for non-straight lines, and lines under a minimum length.

Go to the Reports service
Get further help buying a Property Report

example of Copy of Plan

Copy of Plan

You need to use Landata's Titles and Property Certificates service.
The Copy of Plan is free of charge if you also order the Register Search Statement.

These plans include accurate, legal dimensions for property boundaries for both curves and straight lines.
There is no guarantee there is an area for the property you require. Not all plans have area information.

Go to the Title and Property Certificates service (

The website is down. I can't access the map. I get "address not found" errors.

how to clear cache in Internet Explorer

The website is highly likely not "down". The most common cause of these problems is a cache issue. Because the site is constantly updated and improved, various pages and scripts are replaced with new ones of the same name. You are probably looking at a locally cached copy of one part, and a new copy of another part, and they can't communicate. eg you need "getmap.jsp" and "map.jsp". Your cache has stored a local copy of "map.jsp" from a previous session, and tries to use it with the newly downloaded "getmap.jsp". Things don't work right. This is because "getmap.jsp" is trying to get something from "map.jsp" which does not exist on your copy.

What you need to do

You need to clear the cache.
To do this in Internet Explorer, from the Tools menu, select Internet Options. On the General tab, click the button which says "Delete Files". See more detailed instructions
If you are using a different browser, consult the manual or your IT HelpDesk.

If this does not fix the problem, your next step is to contact your ISP. They have a proxy server, with a cache of its own. They may need to clear that too.

I can't see the map. I get no image.

Our interactive map is in a format known as png. The usual images you see on the web are either gif or jpg (or jpeg).
Can you see all of the image to the right? The first bit is png format, the middle bit is gif and the third is jpg. Some browsers do not support png. We know that Internet Explorer 5 and above does support png. Netscape 4 and above does support png. Sometimes however, people using these browsers have not been able to see the png. This remains unexplained, but re-installing the browser has worked. Somewhere, a setting has changed. We don't know what setting, and we don't know how it happens.

test png test gif test jpg

What you can do
Use a different browser, or reinstall your existing browser.

Why use png if it is a problem?
It is a problem for very very few users.
The software we use for map generation will output in either png or jpg formats. Jpg is great for photos, but inappropriate for our maps because it does not produce a clean crisp image for graphic type images (large flat areas, straight lines, etc) and the file size is far too high, so would take too long to download.

PNG On the left is a png, on the right is a jpeg of the same area.
If you can see the png, you will note the crispness and quality of the image. The jpg on the other hand, is grainy and blurry.
The filesize of the png is 2.49kb whereas the filesize of the jpg is 6.19 kb - two and a half times the size of the png. That means it takes two and a half times as long to download.
an image of the map in png format an image of the map in jpg format

Is there anywhere else online that has the same information for other states?

Australian Capital Territory: |
New South Wales: |
Northern Territory:
South Australia:
Western Australia:

How can I find out the name of the owner of a property?

example of Register Search Statement

You need a Register Search Statement. This is commonly known as a Title.
You need to use Landata's Titles and Property Certificates service.
Search for your property. You want Register Search Statement (Title).

The Register Search Statement is the modern electronic representation of the title information. It replaces earlier paper forms of Titles.
It includes current registered proprietors, any encumbrances, caveats or notices.
Ordering the Register Search Statement entitles you to a copy of the Plan at no extra charge.

Go to the Title and Property Certificates service (

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