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PLEASE NOTE : As of Tuesday the 10th of March 2020 this Property reports search will be turned off.
Please take this opportunity to update your bookmarks and start using the new service.

The Property reports search has moved to the Victorian Property and Parcel Information Search at
This new service provides quick and easy access to both property and planning information.
(If you are only interested in a planning property report please visit
You can still obtain a detailed property report (as a PDF) for free by searching for an address, Standard Parcel Identifier (SPI) or Crown Description.
To help you transition to the new service please read the Frequently Asked Questions at :

Select Parish/Township
Parish/Township Name (or code number)

Township names are indicated by (T)
  • You may not have sufficient information to use any of these search options.
  • For example, you can leave the number blank when searching for an address, but only properties with a house number will be listed.
  • The Interactive Map has more search options available, including Lot on Street when you have a lot number but not a house number.
  • You can also zoom in on the map and select any property, including those with no house number.
  • Once you have found your property (or properties) click on Get Reports
  • Click Use the map to go to the Interactive Map

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