GDA2020 is now supported - for information on GDA2020 please see the ICSM website

The difference in coordinates is approximately 1.7 metres, so it may not be obvious which datum you are using.
Please be careful and do not mix datums unless you know what you are doing.

  • New items have been added to the list of Projections

  • New items have been added to the list of Formats

  • If you are ordering GDA2020 data, and you use MapInfo version 17 or later, please order the new formats.
    The data files supplied will contain the datum code 1028 which has been added to version 17.
    There is no difference in the formats if you are ordering GDA94 data.
  • Documents - information

    • MapInfo - MapInfo support for GDA2020
    • QGIS - QGIS support for GDA2020
    • Shape file - ESRI support for GDA2020